We revitalize typewriters for the good of humanity.

Every day for years, we have been shipping exceptional typewriters to new owners. Close your eyes and you will see them flying overseas like birds. It is a new age where digital minds embrace analogue hearts.

Thousands of souls are now open. No longer are letters never sent, novels never finished. Upon a typewritten page, hopeful poems will never again go unread.

Thanks to you, the magic continues! Once forgotten, these remarkable machines are rising from dust and fighting once more for a better world!

Our work and passion give inspiration to storytellers, lovers, dreamers, writers, poets, travelers ...

We have the typewriter that will free your literary soul.

Let us help you find your writing bliss.


Let's talk about our highlights and how we work. We do our business with passion and in an easy, honest and legal way.

Our minds have become digital but our hearts are still analogue! 

Friendly & Quick communication!

We also buy online and we know there is nothing better than a chat and attention from another human being.

When you buy a new typewriter everything seems to be complicated, especially for young users. What kind of ribbon to use, which keyboard layout to choose, how to maintain it, etc. We have all the answers! Please ask us and we will contact you ASAP (if we don't sleep, of course)

Product in perfect working condition!  

We always work hard to make these machines shine and type smoothly again. They're taken apart, thoroughly cleaned, reassembled, oiled and adjusted. Also polished or repainted if needed and if it's possible, we revitalize a carrying case as well. It means it’s cleaned, painted or the stains on the plastic are removed, locks are repaired or replaced.

Before the shipping, we record a video and add a quality certificate.  Everything is double-checked by our team.

Typewriters are ready to use! 

A new ink ribbon is always installed before the shipping and you can easily type over 500 pages with it. You don't have to worry where to buy a new ribbon, you can always order it in our shop or find them easily online, they are still produced.

Custom Gift wrapping is Free! 

If you buy it as a present for someone special, we can add a typed note from you :) We will do it even if it is a gift for yourself! We can customize the entire gift- from the colour of a typewriter to hand made paper sheets.

One Year Worldwide Warranty! 

Don't worry if you have any issue with your new typewriter. That's the reason you buy in our store, we will take care of everything. Any hidden technical problem is covered by our warranty. The typewriter will be serviced or replaced on our cost. It is our standard!

Lifetime Post Purchase Support! 

Once your typewriter arrives at your door, we offer post-purchase online technical support! We will answer your questions and help with maintenance and explain how to resolve common typewriter issues during the use. Yes, we've thought about everything.

Fast and Safe Worldwide Shipping!

Each item is packed in a few layers of special wrap and two new eco-friendly cardboard boxes to protect it in transit. Every standard or priority shipping is followed by us and covered by 100% insurance.

The math is simple: Best Service + Quality product = Happy Client! 

Happy shopping!


Latest Review | ★★★★★

Ania & Jacek were wonderful to work with. We needed 4 of the same Olivetti Studio 46 black typewriters for a company's new brand launch. They were very responsive in working with us as we arranged everything to be shipped to multiple company headquarters around a tight timeline. We also appreciated that they got on skype to work with our client when we needed some help troubleshooting. The typewriters are beautiful and will be permanently on display (and used!) at each location for years to come. We'd definitely purchase from them in the future and have had a great experience! Thanks for all of your help Ania & Jacek! :)


Our Story


store owner

We revitalize typewriters for the good of humanity.

For the last 15 years, we've been living on the Spanish Costa del Sol. We enjoy the sunny weather, bring up our two sons and four rescued dogs and we combine our passions into one fulfilling journey. 

We've always liked exceptional things, and we always start each of our trips with a visit to a local flea market where we hunt for treasures. The idea of having our shop appeared many years ago, but at that time we couldn't even have dreamt about selling our typewriters to such distant countries as New Zealand, China, USA or Sri Lanka! Now thanks to the Internet anything is possible!

Quality and hard work always win.

We safely shipped overseas to over 65 countries and our machines are displayed in museums, galleries and hundreds of them are in private collections around the world. Our Pink Olivetti Lettera 32 is in Lady Gaga's hands, a set of custom-made Olivetti Letteras 35 on Eddie Vedder's desk and our Lilac Olivetti Lettera 25 in Ruby Rose's house.

The list is growing and more and more people are inspired!

Thousands of romantic love letters and greeting cards were written on our typewriters.

A typewriter is a machine, but with a soul! It is your best friend...

It listens to you, records your feelings and thoughts, connects them to the keys ...it will take minutes, hours, years... your stories and memories transferred to paper

And in the future, your typewriter will be a perfect gift for someone you love.

.... A new story will begin :)

Richard Polt (typewriterrevolution.com) once wrote - "Every typewriter is unique. It's been touched a million times by its owner(s)... As the habits of its user creates nicks and quirks, the typewriter's behaviour becomes more individual."

A typewriter is a machine, but with a soul! It is your best friend... It listens to you, records your feelings and thoughts, connects them to the keys ...it will take minutes, hours, years... your stories and memories transferred to paper

And in the future, your typewriter will be a perfect gift for someone you love. 

.... A new story will begin :)

All You need is love and a good typewriter!

Best Regards from Southern Spain

Ania ❤️ Jacek